Blue Evolution
Steam + Vacuum + Extractor
  • All-Purpose Steamer
  • Finger Tip Steam Control
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Weight: 19lbs
  • 24ft working area
  • Operating Pressure: 65psi
  • Steam Temperature: 2980F
  • Heavy Commercial Use
  • All Day Use, No Down Time
  • Continuous Fill Dual Tank Heating System
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Weight 19lbs
  • Operating Pressure: 75psi
  • Steam Temperature: 3050F
  • 3.3L Continuous fill duel tank boiler
  • Separate extractor tank for water or CHEMICALS
  • Steam Pressure: 8 Bar / 116 psi
  • Steam Temperature: 338 F
  • Weight: 58lbs
  • Size (L x W x H): 22in x 15in x 37

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Commercial-Grade Steam Cleaners for your Business
US Steam prides itself on offering high-end steam cleaning systems for all commercial uses around the country. Our customers can rest easy knowing they are in safe hands with the highly rated line of US Steam commercial steam cleaners.

All commercial grade steamers can be used in many everyday maintenance functions in your facility, cutting down on the cleaning chemicals you use. Our cleaners are perfect for hospitals, hotels, automotive repair shops, industrial HVAC repair, food manufacturing facilities, restaurants, offices of all sizes, elevator maintenance, gyms, and retail shops. Clean and sanitize your restaurant kitchen, manufacturing line, office chairs, hotel rooms, walk-in coolers, counter tops, elevator rails, tile and grout, exercise equipment, hospital beds, office kitchens, supply closet sinks, curtains and blinds, industrial equipment, HVAC units, any stainless steel equipment, car engine parts, mechanic equipment, shop floors, and a lot more.

No matter what type of stain or cleaning issues your business might encounter US Steam can deliver the cleaning solution. De-grease, kill germs, and totally clean your work space with our commercial-grade steam cleaners. The Raven cleans commercial spaces with up to 285 degrees (fahrenheit) of heat and 58 PSI of pressure with no need for chemicals, no residue, and no MSDS admin hassle.