The Ultimate Guide to Using a Steam Cleaner or Steam Vacuum for Effective Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Keeping a commercial kitchen clean and hygienic is essential for food safety and maintaining a professional, safe environment. Steam cleaners or steam vacuums are powerful tools that can revolutionize your cleaning routine, providing efficient and thorough results. 

In this blog post, we will explore ways to effectively use a steam cleaner or steam vacuum cleaner to tackle various surfaces in a commercial kitchen.

  1. Steam Clean Oven and Stove Tops for Spotless Results
    • Easily loosen and remove stubborn grease and baked-on food residue on oven and stove surfaces using high temperature and pressure.
    • Access hard-to-reach areas using steam rather than elbow grease
  2. Transform Stainless Steel Sinks into Shining Fixtures
    • Restore the luster of stainless steel sinks by removing stains, water spots, and fingerprints using steam and a microfiber cloth.
    • Achieve a streak-free finish and maintain the hygiene of your sinks.
  3. Hood and Food Processing Equipment Cleaning Made Easy
    • Ensure the cleanliness of hoods, vents, and filters by dislodging and dissolving grease buildup effectively, promoting a safer and healthier kitchen environment.
    • Steam clean food processing equipment, such as mixers, slicers, and grinders, to eliminate bacteria and maintain sanitation standards.
  4. Sparkling Floors for a Pristine Kitchen Space
    • Utilize the steam cleaner’s versatile attachments for deep cleaning and sanitization of various types of flooring.
    • Restore discolored tile & grout to a like-new finish.
  5. Steam Vacuum: A Single & Easy Cleaning Tool
    • Steam vacuum cleaners not only steam clean as listed above but can also be used to squeegee and dry the surfaces instantly. 
    • Some steam vacuums, like our Eagle Plus™  also have hot water injection for extra cleaning power. 

In each of the above scenarios, a steam vacuum allows you to benefit from the combined functionality of steam and vacuum, ensuring a deep clean, and efficient removal of dirt, grease, and residue. Additionally, save time and effort with the convenience of a single cleaning tool that tackles multiple surfaces.

Embrace the power of steam cleaning and experience the transformative benefits it brings to your commercial kitchen. Choose US STEAMⓇ for reliable and efficient steam cleaning solutions that meet the demands of your business.

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