How To Get Your Grill Perfectly Ready For The Best Summer Cookout – Six Quick and Effective Steps

When the weather starts to warm up, what is nicer than having a summer party with your loved ones, eating delicious food straight from your grill and looking at the stars? In order to make this situation happen, you need to be aware that a clean grill also means a healthier life. Because of this reason, we will show you how to enjoy a beautiful summer evening without having to complain about toxic substances released from the grill into the food. It is a quite easy process if you own a steam cleaner, since it is the most effective in-depth cleaning tool on the market- amazingly fast and easy to use. In fact, its ability to sterilize any surface in no time brings way better results than just brushing all over the appliance.

1. What are you going to need to let your grill sparkle like new?

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Beside a steam cleaner, you are going to need soap and water, a brush and/or a sponge, a basic BBQ cleaner (or, if you don’t have one, you can also use a more traditional alternative like lemon and baking soda, or water and vinegar), and rubber gloves. Something to avoid are harsh chemicals and any kind of abrasive scrubbers, since they could damage the surface of your grill forever, even if you take very good protective care of it. The basin of the grill is one of the places where it gets dirtier and grimier, so be careful to prepare the cleaning process beforehand using the BBQ detergent and allow it to work for a few minutes. If you see there are clumps of dirt, grease or burned on food, use a brush to get rid of them. It is important to take this step now, since the next ones require a proper setup in order to be 100% effective. All of these steps must be followed after disconnecting your grill’s propane tank.

2. Start from the basin

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Once you have the basin prepared with its specific cleaning liquid, it is time to use the wire brush attachment of your steam cleaner. Slowly run the appliance along every wall, making sure it reaches every corner. Don’t forget to stem clean the grill top edges as well.

3. Focus on the grates – where the most damage it is usually done

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The grates are a crucial part of the grill, because they are in direct contact with the food you are going to eat. This is why you need to be very careful and patient during this step, since the final goal is for the grates to do a perfect job. First of all, take your time cleaning with the stem cleaner each one of the grates. If you feel like needing it, don’t spare on your BBQ detergent- combined with the pressure of the steam, it can effectively result in getting rid of any clump of dirt and grease you may have not noticed. Now, many people like to put the grates in their dishwasher for an additional step- if they aren’t too huge, it is advisable to do so- it is easy and, most of all, automatic. After you have done that, take your brush or sponge and soak them in a solution of water and soap, in order to remove every residue, you may have missed with the former steps. Plus, it will make the grates shinier than ever.

4. Don’t forget the lava rocks!

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If you own lava rocks, remember they need cleaning too! Gather them in a bucket with hot, soapy water for half an hour or, if you have been using them for too long, directly throw them away, as they collect grease and can emit an unpleasant smell.

5. Make the shinier grill ever happen!

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Don’t forget the grill exterior! Use the soft brush of the steam cleaner and run it all over the grill surface. It is going to become a brand-new appliance, and will make your food delicious. Wipe right after doing it, so there will be no marks left of the cleaning process.

6. Finish up!

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Reconnect the gas bottle and, for a safety check, look out for soap leaks. Then, leave the grill turned on for 10-15 minutes, in order to eliminate germs and any remaining residue of soapy water- and its terrible smell that could get to your food’s taste. In order to protect your grill, the final step would be to season it applying oil to the grates and letting it sit for 20 minutes.