10 Creative Ways To Use A Steam Cleaner

Okay, so you have been using your steam cleaner for years – and every time in the same way. Find out what many other possibilities there are to take advantage of it!

10 Creative Ways to Use a Steam Cleaner Video

1. Make Tile and Grout Look Like New!

Refresh old tile and grout to make your floors look new again. Steam uses high pressure hot water vapor to “push” out the dirt in grout lines and tile. You can rent US STEAM Tile & Grout cleaners from Home Depot or just purchase your own. Our Eagle Steamer is the most popular steamer for refreshing tile and grout.   

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2. Remove Pet Hair 

We all love our pets but they leave a mess around the house. Steam extraction  can easily remove pet hair from furniture, carpets, and hard floors leaving a clean house for our family and friends.

Our SeaHawk Steam Vacuum is the ultimate cleaning machine for the home. The SeaHawk uses high pressure steam to sanitize high touch area and hot water extraction to clean up after our pets and kids. Like all our steamers, the SeaHawk uses ZERO chemicals to clean.

3. Detail Your Car

Strollers, high chairs, seats (over time) and dust, infiltrates everywhere in a car. If you don’t want to spend money on a job you can do yourself (and even better, in many cases), use your steam cleaner to make your car seem brand new. Use a steam cleaner or steam vacuum to remove stains, clean dirty car seats, refresh air ducts making your car smell new again.

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When they will dry out, you will be amazed at how clean your car upholstery is now! Repeat every month, or every few months, depending on your car usage (remember – even if you don’t use your car that much, dust still exists!).


4. Defrost Your Freezer

Source: Which.co.uk

The safest thing to do when you want to defrost your freezer is doing it with a steam cleaner. In fact, when you use specific implements, they attack the ice in a way that could damage your freezer permanently. The ice will come away easily, and you won’t even need the aid of any detergent!

5. Sanitize Your Mattress

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Have you ever thought of sanitizing your mattress? Usually, nobody does. However, especially if you are prone to allergies, cleaning the place you use every night for 7-8 hours could be fundamental to your health. Move the steam cleaner over the surface of the mattress and easily remove all the dust mites. Then, let it dry for a few hours, before being able to use it again.

6. Clean Your Bathroom

You may think limescale is not that dangerous for your health – if you drink it or put it on your body, nothing is going to happen. However, even though you may not notice it, it is the quality of your tap water that can drastically change your skin. If you drink tap water and don’t use a water filter, limescale can form kidney stones. If you are acne prone, instead, you need to be very careful about what kind of water you put on your face – otherwise, limescale, because of its PH, can cause more irritation to flare up (no need to wonder why many French beauty gurus only use mineral or thermal water to rinse their face, and it does work!). With a steam cleaner, you can be sure to be able to remove any kind of grime that accumulates about your house’s taps. Then, just wipe them with a simple cloth.

7. Clean Your Windows

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There have been many people who tried to invent the perfect cleaning windows tool – from the simplest cloths, to elaborate magnetic appliances. What if I told you it is possible with your steam cleaner? Take advantage of it and reach the entire window surface which, if you are not that tall, can immensely help you – using a stair to reach the upper window can be dangerous, especially if you are home alone and can’t ask anyone for help.

8. Make Your Grill Shiny Again

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Who isn’t a barbecue lover? With a steam cleaner, you can clean your loved grill with the aid of a scraper tool to remove any kind of stubborn burnt-food.

9. Clean and Sanitize Baby Toys Effectively

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Babies play around a lot, and that means their toys have to be carefully washed, in order for them not to pick up any dangerous bacteria. While this may seem an easy job, with the many things a baby touches in a day, it can take a lot of time in a day. Here comes your steam cleaner to help you – gather all the toys in one place and the job is done.

10. Clean Your Oven 

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Oven detergents can damage your kitchen – there are a lot on the market and, apart from being usually very expensive, they are also very toxic. What to do, then? Use your steam cleaner in your kitchen with its different tools for the kind of surface you are going to clean. It will result in a perfect job – a shiny, non-greasy, but most importantly, never damaged kitchen.