What is a Commercial Steam Vacuum Cleaner?

Very clean commercial kitchen

Commercial steam vacuum cleaners, like the SteamHero Commercial Steam Vacuum, combine the cleaning power of steam with hot water injection and vacuum functionality to offer the deepest cleaning solutions for many commercial cleaning needs. From steam cleaning floors, upholstery, stainless steel, ovens, and more, commercial steam vacuum cleaners can handle almost any job. 

Here are our top 3 reasons to choose a commercial steam vacuum cleaner.

US STEAM® SteamHero Commercial Steam Vacuum

1. Steam vacuum cleaners can combine steam and vacuum. Steam vacuum cleaners such as the SteamHero Commercial Steam Vacuum not only clean with the power of steam, but also inject hot water onto surfaces to dislodge the deepest dirt, debris, and germs before vacuuming up the mess. Because of this deep cleaning, steam vacuum cleaners also improve air quality by eliminating and removing microorganisms beneath the surface.

2. Steam vacuum cleaners are great for deep cleaning upholstery. Steam vacuum cleaners easily and effectively remove deeply embedded dirt and stains from upholstery. Steam vacuums also help prevent wicking, which occurs when not-fully-removed stains work their way back to the surface, in fabrics and upholstery. Finally, because no chemicals are necessary, steam vacuum cleaners are one of the safest ways to clean upholstery.

3. Steam vacuum cleaners provide a deeper, longer-lasting clean. Perfect for heavily soiled areas, heavy build-ups, and unaddressed stains, the deep clean provided by commercial steam clean vacuums is unmatched. These are great for cleaning stainless steel, commercial kitchens, and more. Steam vacuums and steam extractors are the BEST way to remove trapped dirt, meaning you can go longer between cleanings, maximizing efficiency. 

But don’t take our word for it. Combine the cleaning power of steam, hot water injection, and vacuum with a commercial steam vacuum cleaner today.

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