The Ten Golden Rules of Decluttering


1. 30 Minutes A Day To Begin With

Give 20 to 30 minutes daily to housekeeping, so you can quickly and effortlessly rearrange the main areas. To your usual routine, add something you can specifically clean and change weekly.

2. Throw Away or Donate Unused Belongings

According to an American study, we use about the 20% of what we have at home. Organize a whole weekend for thorough cleaning- brace yourselves with multiple bags and boxes. Ask yourself, if in doubt of throwing an object away or not: “How much time ago did I use this?” Your sincere response will suffice to say goodbye to many things. Gently used items can be donated as well. Where are the first places to declutter without thinking twice? Answer: Everything you hid behind furniture and sofas. According to psychology, to accumulate means to leave unsolved what in our life is problematic- simply get rid of it.

3. The Cooking Space

                A well-organized cuisine will allow you to enjoy the space you have at your disposition! Choose a cabinet that holds all the pots and containers you frequently use, especially if you have a small house- having what you need will save you time and stress. On a shelf you can place glass, plastic, or ceramic pots with pasta, coffee and salt, but remember to leave out a few elements so you can instantly use what you need.

4. If You Have Children

The strategy with children is to have a constantly tidied room- this will also be useful for their school life. Use different boxes to organize types of objects found in your child’ room; blankets, building blocks, video games, etc. Before starting a new activity we suggest starting a magic phrase your child can remember when time to clean: “Now tidy up.”

5. Clothing

Clothing represent the style we have changed over the years. Try and look at the mirror: What do you see that is no longer in line with you? Give it away. Empty the closet, clean it carefully, and divide the internal space with smaller baskets or bag to hang, where you can store socks, lingerie and accessories. Remember if you haven’t worn it within the past year, it may be time to part ways with said clothing.

6. The Bathroom

Say goodbye to over-the-counter drugs and creams open for too long. Remember to check expiration dates. If you have lotions or foundation creams that have created milk-like clumps, then it is time to part ways with these products.

7. Stain Removal

Decluttering also means to disinfect and remove all the stains by using a steam cleaner, which can be applied to many types of surfaces and materials- in no time, you’ll have the job done!

8. Makeup

Do you have room or special place for your makeup and other beauty products? Create a corner for yourself in the bedroom: You just need a plywood panel to paint with your favorite shade. Add two small brackets to be fixed with the drill and you will make your wall original. Of course, don’t forget the mirror! For instance, you can attach a spring mirror, in order to orient it where you need it. Pro tip- hooks where you can hang pendants and necklaces.

9. Separate the Laundry Room

Create a more organized laundry room by taking advantage of a small empty space where you can attach a set of hooks to hang brooms, blades and vacuum cleaners. Add two or three shelves, where you can leave detergents, stain-removers, sponges, plus, of course, the washing machine and two wicker baskets, one for the ironing board and the other for dirty clothes. Separate the space with tents or a door.

10. Involve Everyone

The best way to make order … is to keep it in order. Obvious, right? The rule to be passed on to partners and children is as follows- if you have something in your hand that you want to drop, think where is the right place to store it. Avoid being perfectionist, but at the same time do not let yourself be tempted to postpone.