Steam Cleaners for Hotels and Restaurants

US Steam offers a variety of quality steam cleaning units for all purposes including the restaurant and hotel service industry. In this commercial service industry we understand the amounts of foot traffic each company can see on an everyday basis and how nasty that can make your place of business. With the amount of people coming and going, the floors especially can see a lot of action during business hours, which can unfortunately lead to dirty & grimey floors that require much needed cleaning.

Steam Cleaners for Restaurants

Restaurants can get plenty of use from a steam cleaner. The amount of visitors that come to your restaurant can get a bit hectic especially during peak hours and holidays. Family, friends, and loved ones all gather to share sweet memories and delicious foods. During this time, food or beverages can sometime spill causing unwanted and unsightly stains. Our commercial-grade steam cleaners can keep all of your restaurant floors; as well as counter tops, curtains, blinds, sealed hardwood surfaces, and kitchen equipment, clean without using harsh chemicals.

Steam Cleaners for Hotels

Every hotel can benefit from using steam cleaners as part of their cleaning regimen. In the hotel industry people from all over the world come to stay at your place looking for accommodating features that they can call a home away from home. Hotel guests expect pristine and clean conditions and they aren’t shy about posting negative reviews on influential websites like TripAdvisor about their bad experiences.  Dirty and sticky hallway floors, dusty or stained curtains, smelly stains from previous guest such as smoke or vomit stains, and other nasty stains are sure to push hotel guests to share their bad experiences online. US Steam’s commercial-grade cleaners help hotels avoid those damaging negative reviews and provide a cleaner, more pleasant experience to your hotel guests.

The US Steam Eagle 6100

The Eagle 6100 commercial steam cleaner is our best industrial seller perfect for all restaurants, food trucks, hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, and Air BnB hosts.  Customers who buy the US Steam Eagle 6100 enjoy parts that are commercial-grade and a steam cleaner built with long-term use in mind, using a 2-tank design that allows for continuous fill. The Eagle 6100 steamer gives off a temperature that can heat to 300 degrees fahrenheit and 65 psi of power to clean multiple surface types.

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