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If you are in the hospital and healthcare industry, US Steam’s steam cleaners should be on the top of your list for a clean and sanitized environment. We understand the amount of patients that come and go on an everyday basis, and with that amount of traffic to hospitals, medical clinics, and doctors’ offices; there also comes germs, allergens, and dirt that can build up over time. To better ensure a healthy environment for you and your patients we recommend our Eagle 6100 steamer unit. The Eagle 6100 will clean your floors, beds, and surfaces without using chemical sprays and eliminates bacteria, dirt, grime, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander from your hospital or healthcare facility with the power of steam.

Our hospital customers love the commercial-grade parts that are made for long-term and continuous use. Topped with a 2-tank design as well as needing no chemicals to completely clean various surfaces, Hospital and Healthcare facilities will save money and keep their clinics cleaner with our powerful commercial steam cleaner.

The Eagle 6100 steam cleaning system is one of the leading steam cleaners in the healthcare industry. Purchase the Eagle 6100 online or call us at 800-613-3874 for the healthy and sanitary environment your patients and staff deserve.

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