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Make life a little easier when you use a steam cleaner for your kitchen countertop needs. Both commercial and residential countertops will benefit from a US Steam vapor steam system. Using a steam cleaner for your countertops will ensure that they are getting the best cleaning treatments possible.

A steam cleaner will remove all dirt, grim, grease spots, coffee stains and bacteria that resides on your kitchen countertops. Cleaning your countertops with a steam cleaner will also sanitize and eliminate dirt, germs and viruses that aren’t visible to the human eye. Minimize time spent cleaning your kitchen with a steam cleaner. With a US Steam system, you will also be able to reach those hard to reach places like back of cabinets and drawers.  



You can choose from our top recommended steam cleaning models for all your steam cleaning needs.


  • All-Purpose Steamer
  • Finger Tip Steam Control
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Weight:  19lbs
  • 24ft. working area
  • Operating Pressure: 65psi
  • Steam Temperature: 298°F
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  • Steamer & Vacuum All in One System
  • HEPA Air Filtration System
  • Two Tank Continuous Fill Boiler
  • Powerful Vacuum
  • 20ft Working Area
  • Operating Pressure:  65psi
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