Steam Cleaning Nursing Homes

Know someone who is immune deficient because of age or a visit to the hospital? Help them get better and stay healthy by sanitizing their living environment with the ES500 and applying our anti-microbial.

The patent-pending ES4500 and Vapor Boss ES500 Vapor Steam Cleaning Systems apply buffer-zone antimicrobial barriers, disinfectants and Vapormate solutions as you clean. This unique cleaning system is ideal for homes and healthcare settings, such as nursing homes, retirement homes and hospitals, that care for senior citizens and immune-deficient individuals.

By cleaning with steam and no chemicals, vapor steam cleaning is the safest cleaning solution. Our anti-bacterial technology eliminates germs, pathogens and harmful bacteria from most surfaces. It also helps maintain the quality of indoor air.

Founded in 1992, US Steam is a nationwide provider of vapor steam cleaning systems and infection prevention solutions for commercial, governmental, and residential use.

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