Your Guide To Rejuvenating Floors Around Your Home

As homeowners we ask too much from our floors. We expect them to be both functional and aesthetic, to last for years and to always be at their best, but needless to say, that takes time and effort. Whatever the material of our floors may be, regular care is essential to keeping surfaces clean and hygienic.

The Basics:

● Plan in advance when you want to clean- at least once a month is highly suggested.

● Prepare the room to be cleaned- try to remove the furniture as much as necessary, in order to perform best.

● Take off your footwear, as it can ruin the cleaning process.

● Do a light pre-clean by removing dust, residues and crumbs using a broom, vacuum and or a steam cleaner.

Remove Stains From Your Floors










Even in daily cleaning, in order not to damage the floor covering components, it is advisable to always use a specific detergent.

In case of staining due to accidental spilling of liquids, take action immediately, especially in the case of more delicate materials such as marble, stone or parquet. If the stain persists, however, you can turn to specialized companies or hardware to avoid those harsh “do-it-yourself” remedies. You don’t want to drastically ruin your surfaces!

The Right Tools To Clean And Steam Floors

Not everyone pays enough attention to the choice of cleaning tools, even though they are decisive factors in the success of floor cleaning. The SeaHawk Steam Vacuum, is the best when it comes to thorough cleaning, especially if you have a lot of surfaces to make shine. They can be used with many materials, from hardwood flooring to carpets, and can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to rejuvenating your house for a special occasion. There are many types of them for different uses and budgets- choose carefully, and you will not be able to clean without it anymore.

Cleaning Thoroughly










In addition to regular cleaning, your floors may sometimes require deep scrubbing, for which you should use a specific degreasing detergent. Prepare a solution of warm water and said detergent, then turn to small parts of the floor, rubbing with a brush to remove traces of dirt. Pay particular attention to the leakage of the tiles, cracks or skirting boards. Then rinse the entire floor with clean water, dampening the cloth very frequently.

Carpet Floors











First of all, use a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner to eliminate dust and small elements that are seen on the surface. Then, target the stains you want to remove and prepare yourself with a good carpet cleaner- make sure you follow said directions!

Always test the bottle or the spray on a very small part of the carpet, if you want to know whether the results the product claims are the ones you expect. Dab it and then rinse it with cold water.

If you have pets that give you troubles, don’t worry- there are specific cleaners for that, commonly composed of enzymes.

Wooden Floors


Wood floors, such as parquet floors, are particularly appreciated for their beauty and longevity but also require great care and attention. Here are some useful tips:

● Wash with a specific detergent, do not use an ammonia-based one.

● If the floor appears opaque, use a self-reflecting wax that will restore gloss.

● To restore the original color, turn to a specialized company.

Stone Floors


Stone and marble floors always have a special charm. Porous marble, however, is one of the most vulnerable materials, in particular to colored substance, and it therefore should be treated immediately with absorbing elements. Because of its composition, marble is also affected by acidic substances- do not use anti-lime or vinegar.

To make it shine, simply use washable wax.

Waxing The Floors


Wax is a protective film that preserves the brilliance of the floor, working by decreasing the absorbent power of the floor without distorting it. The process is not to be carried out with too much frequency, however, since the stratification of the various steps creates sharp marks and makes the floor dangerously slippery. Lay a new layer only when it has lost its brightness.

Before applying the wax layer, it is always best to perform a thorough cleaning. After distributing wax, do not tumble dry.