The food processing industry recognizes the need to ensure that the equipment and chemicals being used daily are both employee safe and environment healthy. Many leaders in the industry have acknowledged the need to restrict harmful chemicals that have been put out in environment and have switched to vapor steam cleaners to better ensure a healthy effectiveness. US Steam understands this demand in the industry and continues to provide steam cleaners that are economically, eco-friendly and effective for food processing duties.

Steam cleaners in the food processing industry can be used to dissolve grease, oils and stubborn stain residues that can be found on stoves, burners, vents, conveyor belts and more. US Steam vapor steam cleaners will crack down on the in-between hard to reach places that germs and other bacteria’s hide in delivering a sanitized area.

To better ensure a clean and effective environment in the food processing industry, US Steam recommends the following products:


  • Heavy Commercial Use
  • All Day Use, No Down Time
  • Continuous Fill Dual Tank Heating System
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Weight 19lbs
  • Operating Pressure: 75psi
  • Steam Temperature: 305F

Blue Evolution
Steam + Vacuum + Extractor

  • 3.3L Continuous fill dual tank boiler
  • Separate extractor tank for water or CHEMICALS
  • Steam Pressure: 8 Bar / 116 psi
  • Steam Temperature: 338 F
  • Weight: 58lbs
  • Size (L x W x H): 22in x 15in x 37in

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Blue Evolution


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