The Blue Evolution is an eco-friendly system with low operating costs, and unlimited applications!  Steam kills bacteria and germs found on high touch areas such as:

Counter tops, door knobs, water fountains, bathroom fixtures, windows, locker rooms, toys, cribs, delis, freezer doors, auto interiors and exteriors & much more…


Comes with 25 tools for every cleaning application

UV Blue Light Technology in the water filtration system kills germs and bacteria during the cleaning process.


The Blue Evolution meets the stringent standards of the Institute of Hygiene and Microbiology, University of Wurzburg, for efficient cleaning and sanitary methods. 

Steam reservoir tank: 1/2 gal

Extraction reservoir tank: 1/2 gal
Vacuum collection tank: 0.8 gal

Steam Max pressure: 116 PSI
Boiler Max temperature: 338°F
Maximum power: 1800W Max
Boiler power: 1000 + 700 W
AISI 304 stainless steel boiler
Stainless steel cover

  • Reduce Cleaning Time and Eliminates Harmful Cleaning Chemicals

  • Improve Health Protection to Employees and Customers

  • No more slippery on dangerous wet floors, less oil or grease on the floor or working areas

  • No Cross Contamination For The Food Industry

Blue Evolution Steam Vacuum Cleaner with Extraction

Blue Evolution is a complete cleaning system combining the power of steam cleaner with vacuum to clean and sanitize simultaneously. The hot water extractor is used for deep cleaning hard floor surfaces. It’s perfect for companies that need to reduce or eliminate chemicals.
All 3 functions can run simultaneously on 110V. Clean up is easy with the water filtration vacuum with an added Blue UV technology to kills germs and bacteria.

  • 3.3L Continuous fill dual tank boiler
  • Separate extractor tank for water or chemicals
  • Steam Pressure: 8 Bar / 116 psi
  • Steam Temperature: 338 F
  • Weight: 58lbs
  • Size (L x W x H): 22in x 15in x 37in
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