Blue Evolution

The Blue Evolution commercial steam cleaner is in a class all its own. It combines high-pressure STEAM with a VACUUM to clean, sanitize, and remove pathogens from hard surfaces.

The dual-tank system allows users to sanitize with only steam or add detergents to the cleaning process. The patented water filtration vacuum utilizes Blue UV-Light technology to kill additional atmospheric germs and bacteria.

All 3 functions run simultaneously on a normal 120V outlet.

Demonstration Video

  • 18 Cleaning Attachments
  • 3.3L Continuous fill boiler wtih a 1/2 gallon refilling reservoir tank
  • Separate 1/2 gallon water injection /extraction tank for water or chemicals
  • Steam Pressure: 8 Bar / 117 psi
  • Steam Temperature: 338 F
  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Size (L x W x H): 22in x 15in x 37in
  • 110V Heats in 10 minutes



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A Better Way to Clean!