Auto Detailing-10 Steps To Do It Like A Pro

Everyone wants their car to be flawless and shiny like the day it was purchased. However, taking it to a car washing service can worsen the car’s conditions with the use of products that don’t fit its features. In fact, detailing, although it can be seen as something simple, is a practice for perfectionists and car lovers everywhere. Doing it at home can save you money and tears, while leaving you with professional results that are absolutely achievable with a little time and patience.

1. Before You Buy-Evaluate Your Car’s Flaws

Because detailing your car doesn’t mean to wash the vehicle with just soap and a rag, you should look at everything that needs to be fixed first. Take your time to consider what you want to give new life to, whether it be both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Then, you can move on to purchasing specialized products that are able to give you the exact results you need. Consider other basic tools you probably have at home like toothbrushes, cotton pads, toothpicks and a vacuum cleaner.

2. Properly Wash Your Car With a Steam Cleaner

First and foremost, a shiny car is a clean one. In order to wash it like a pro, you should consider a few suggestions prior to taking action.  Steam cleaners are highly suggested when auto detailing your vehicle. They are a great investment and are built to tackle on any elements of your vehicle. With the perfect steam cleaner your vehicle will be good as new!

3. For Deeper Scratches

A compound paint cleanser is what you need if you want to remove those scratches below the car’s surface. You may need many applications to get the result you want (and if you don’t, you can just repair it with a quick touchup), but success is almost guaranteed.

4. Optional But Exceptional- Polisher

This is an optional but highly recommended step- the polisher. Why not? You reached this point of the work and have the possibility, so add that extra shine to your car to make it absolutely perfect. Also, it makes waxing run smoother and helps to maintain the car’s color, especially if it is a darker one.

5. Wax It

Wax is one of the key elements of detailing. In fact, it helps preserving color over time, preventing it from fading or every other kind of damage. There are different types of wax at different prices, but the most common ones are two- carnauba and polymer. There are also one-step waxes, that perform multiple function at once, perfect if you don’t have much time or if your car is still relatively brand new.

6. Interior- As Important As The Exterior

If you want your car to look flawless, taking care of the exterior won’t be enough. After the evaluation, take everything out of the car- personal things like keychains, stuffed animals, stickers, papers and mats.

7. Clean It Inside

Use a vacuum and steam cleaner to remove all the accumulated dirt inside your car. Don’t forget the car mats! With the right cleaning tools you can have those stains out in a quick fashion. As for seats, repeat the same vacuuming/cleansing process. You may also need a brush to complete the job. Let everything dry completely before moving on to other steps.

8. Doors And Windows

Don’t forget doors and windows- canned air will take off all the dirt that has been staying in the doors’ nooks all those years. Then, clean with wipes or cleaning solutions. Use an auto window cleaner for the glass- make sure it doesn’t contain any form of ammonia, which can be damaging- and repeat it until you feel satisfied.

9. What To Do With The Wheels?

Use a pH-balanced wheel cleanser, free of any type of acids, if you want them to look shiny for more than three days.

10. A Quick Notice

Don’t buy any product without having properly read the label. Although it may seem time consuming, in fact, it will save your car from being more damaged than it already is. Many substances on the market are counterproductive for certain car surfaces- avoid ammonia and silicone-based protectants. Another important thing to keep in mind is to clean your car monthly, if you want it to remain shiny and polished like the first time. Be careful of the weather conditions, though- a day off if it rains wont’ be surely spent outdoors.