8 Everyday Objects That Are Powered By Steam


As technology progressing in today’s society, we thought we would highlight a few everyday domestic items that are powered by steam. Let’s see if you can guess all 8?

1. A Postmodern Steampunk Computer

Image via – https://z-design.deviantart.com/

Throughout history, many projects have been made to build a steam powered computer. Only one man, now, is determined to make it happen- John Graham-Cumming. Although it requires a big funding campaign, he already set the wheels in motion. It will be perfect for people who use computers for small tasks and, of course, steampunk enthusiasts.

2. The Car of the Future

Image via Matt Novak – https://psmag.com/environment/hybrid-cars-steam-smog-52567

A scientist named Roger Waller decided to bring back to life steam powered cars, assuming that if he wanted to succeed, the steam engine would have to be simple to use and cheap. He thus thought of the use of steam produced by an external boiler and stored in a high pressure tank on board the machine. This was the approach used throughout the twentieth century in the “fireless” locomotives that brought goods and raw materials all over the world.

What is more important, according to Waller, steam is a viable hypothesis from both a technical and an economic point of view. And it’s not an isolated voice- BMW and Honda are studying steam reuse as a way to recycle car fumes, while a Canadian company is developing a steam accumulation system similar to Waller’s, which claims: “It can reduce the consumption of a car up to a third “. In short, steam is sustainable and is coming back.

The scientist estimates that a steam engine will be more robust and economical than one of an electric car. At the same production costs, there are lower operating costs. And it will have the advantage that refueling takes a few minutes and not hours. “Maintenance costs will also be eliminated: there will be no need to lubricate the engine,” he says.

3. A Flawless Hairstyle with this Hair Straightener

Steam is the perfect ally for everyone who wants their hair straightened without the risk of drying them, attacking or breaking them.

Working on the hair through steam, the smooth effect obtained through this type of plate is softer, the styling will last longer and your hair will be healthier.

4. The Luxury of a Steam Shower

Image via – http://www.cnbhomes.com/

Yes, a steam shower is a luxury. For its price ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 dollars, it certainly isn’t for everyone. But you can’t argue about its functions – it relaxes the muscles in a unique way. To have something that resembles a steam shower, try finding an accessory to complete your existing shower.

5. Healthy Cooking with a Steam Oven

Image via – https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/43088371/ranges-appliancesconnectioncom

A steam oven prepares vegetables and desserts in a natural way, so as to preserve unaltered nutrients and taste.This is why they are ideal for healthy recipes without fats and for heating food without making it dry.

There are different steam levels, so that you can choose to cook different meals at the same time.

It does not matter if you use it at high temperatures for vegetables and meat, or at low temperatures for fish – steaming ensures delicate preparations for each dish, preserving vitamins, nutrients and taste.

6. Iron Without Any Damage

Image via Tony Zhu – https://pixabay.com/en/users/TonyZhu-110/

Is it possible to iron in record time, achieving perfect results? Yes, with the newest technology of steam irons.They can be pressurized or not depending on one’s needs. They banish wrinkles forever and treat with care every type of fabric.

7. Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is the perfect everyday object to eliminate stubborn dirt.

Unlike the vacuum cleaner and the most modern electric brooms, steam cleaners do not allow the suction of dust, but rather use the action of steam to sanitize, eliminating bacteria, microbes, germs, mites, molds and encrustations. This feature makes them ideal for domestic environments, especially in the presence of small children or if you suffer from allergies.

Almost all steam cleaners are equipped with a steam regulator because delicate surfaces such as parquet or carpets require less power, while hard surfaces such as marble and tile floors require more power to achieve optimal results.

The variety of accessories you can use, therefore, allows you to use the appliance on many types of surfaces such as carpets, curtains, sofas, windows or car interiors.

8. The Cleanest Dishwasher Ever


Don’t waste your time rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, purchase one with a steam function! This will ensure you will have the cleanest solution possible – and the easiest one too!