8 Cleaning Tips to Guest-Ready Your Home this Holiday Season

The holiday season can bring fun and entertaining, but it can also be very tiring if you don’t plan your moves in advance. In fact, everyone wants their house to be clean and shiny, especially when you have upcoming guests headed your way. Here are 8 tips that will relieve your holiday fears, letting you actually enjoy your time without any anxiety.

1. How Much Time Do You Have?

The first rule for cleaning is, of course, staying organized. You don’t want to come to that last-minute rush and all the anxiety that comes with it. Create a spreadsheet or write down some bullet points in order to know what exactly needs to be cleaned. Then, divide the chores into the days you have left, so that you have everything under control. If possible, ask someone else to help you out, so there will be even less work for you to worry about.

2. Shiny Floors for Beginners

Guest will notices if the floors are clean or not so their shininess should be on your top list of priorities. In order to remove all the stains, first consider the material you need to work on and the different steps that are required to have a perfectly clean result. One thing that works for all surfaces to achieve a high level of cleanliness is a steam cleaner, which perfectly works in a short amount of time. Also, it prevents the use of dangerous chemicals. Then, move on to wax or something that will preserve your floors and carpets’ look.

3. The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important places of the house. After having cleaned the floors of the room, think about all the other kinds of surfaces, using a mixture of water, vinegar and lemon juice. Don’t miss any object such as mirrors, the sink, the cupboards and the door knob. Also, remember to clean and organize all of your towels so they may be easily available for your guests.

4. The Kitchen

It is fundamental to make the kitchen a welcoming place for your guests. In fact, they may need something in the middle of the night, or feel at ease while eating together. Things you need careful about are the drawers, the fridge and the items you have. Deep clean everything and throw away the expired food. Put the most useful objects and foods (cookies, beverages) in a visible place, so that your guest can be independent.

5. The Dinner Table

Having a nice dinner table means to make a good impression on the guest. First of all, make sure it is clean and refinished in the best way possible. Also, lay the table in a nice way, using your prettiest cloth and shiniest flatware. Check if you have all the chairs you need and their conditions.

6. The Guest Room

How to prepare the guest room in the best way possible? It is simple- keep it clean, pretty and organized. You don’t want to miss any detail- remove the dust from blinds and curtains, clean all the dressers and closets, put your own objects, such as clothes, away, wax the furniture.

7. Decorations

Details are everything. What could you do to make your house a little bit fancier? First of all, flowers and plants- they don’t have to be fresh, you just have to know the right way to use them. Also, make sure your house smells nice- lighting up some scented candles will create an awesome atmosphere. What about pictures? If your guest is a person you know quite well, it would be nice to hang some pictures of you and them together, remembering your best memories. Last but not least- if you have a garden or a balcony, take advantage of its beauty!

8. Keep in Mind What Extra Supplies your Guest May Need

Going the extra mile for your guest will surely be a very appreciated gesture. Think about what you would need in case you were another person’s guest- water in the room, clean sheets, at least two pillows, hair and body wash in case they had forgotten it, the Wi-Fi password… Each one of these small steps will achieve a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Let them know they can use other domestic appliances like the air conditioning or the washing machine whenever they want, show them how and make space for their own clothes. Make sure your guest has all the information they need written down, such as useful phone numbers and opening/closing times of the places they may want to visit.